This is about me. Or, is it? You’ll notice I write this blog from a character’s point of view. It’s all from me, but I write through this character called “Scorp.” I write each blog post to you. You are Dear Reader. I try to keep most people in my life secret (or sane) by using “nicknames” or character names for them. Some people get their real names used but usually only when they’re involved with The Less Desirables.

This is also a space and place for me to slice a piece of my wondering (or wandering) mind to you.  I talk about pop culture, movies, music, sports, beer, alcohol, life, death, days, nights… You get my drift, eh? Just know that about 85% of what I write is complete and utter baloney. I have a B.S. In “B.S.”

Thing is, I write a travel/alcohol/food/music/movie/everyday life blog and I’m open to sponsorship, partnership, travel, betterment opportunities.

I can write about anything that I know about and I’m willing to learn to do so. I have updated this blog daily, without exception, since November 1, 2014. So, I know how to crank out content.

It takes a lot of effort to do these posts every day and I’d love to be able to make a few pennies doing it. I’d write sponsored posts for the right (read: almost any) opportunity. Are you that right opportunity? I bet you are.

Anywhat! Enjoy the ramblings of my spouty mouth (or fingers).

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Good AM! I was searching for some info on the new AFAS building today and came across your blog article on the Green space that adjoins the new building. Couldn’t agree with you more about your comments about the Activity on the Green from a few months back. It is however properly named, that is, not using the word art in it. Its certainly not ‘art’ in any stretch…but it is a ‘designed’ playground and one that gets old rather quickly as you pointed out. I’m glad that Stitch surfaced here and like the houses that they are design/building—a good addition to the traditional brick homes that populate the area. What they aren’t is an art collective but they are really good at what they do. The Activity area should just be referred to as a park area in downtown WS, not to be confused with the ‘a’ word. Congrats though on AFAS in its attempt to bring some life into the area. One has to wonder how the city’s visitors would react to having SECCA located there…or someplace else downtown…

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