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It was a busy Saturday for The BCPF and me. Not busy in work, but just a lot going on. But, all of it was fun. Mainly because we did it all together. But, one of the “things” was going to Underdog Records! Here’s the haul!

©E Works/PIAS

Sea Wolf – Through A Dark Wood — It’s a band led by Alex Brown Church. I don’t know what that means outside of it’s on Wikipedia. The BCPF picked this one. New.

Eels – Extreme Witchcraft — Brand new released this week. 180g vinyl with printed inner sleeve, screen printed poster. New.

Various – Singles – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack — This film, while important to early 90s pop culture, wasn’t quite as big as Reality Bites, but it was close. It was a Cameron Crowe-written film that featured a lot of Seattle’s grunge and contemporary rock, as well as some from outside Seattle. 2×LP, Compilation, Reissue. EX.

Otis Redding – Otis Blue / Otis Redding Sings Soul — It was ranked #72 on the Rolling Stone list that matters and dropped to #178 on the one that doesn’t. VG.

Tom Waits – Closing Time — Reissue, Remastered, 180 gram. Tom Waits from 1973. I think he was knocking it out of the park at this time. I didn’t like a lot of his later stuff but his early 70s stuff was awesome! This has “Ol’ 55” which many may know from The Eagles, but Waits wrote the song. New.

Ratt – Dancing Undercover — The third album and last one of those that I cared about from RATT. I didn’t like much of anything after, with the exception of a few songs here and there. The singles were “Dance,” “Body Talk,” and “Slip of the Lip.” VG+ on the vinyl, VG on the cover.

Rick Rizzo & Tara Key – Dark Edson Tiger — I literally have no idea what this is, The BCPF just picked it. I would say that she listened on YouTube to see what it sounded like whilst in the store and picked it up. It’s still sealed. NM.

Huey Lewis And The News – Picture This — I bought this for two reasons. 1) I didn’t have it. I wanted it. I listened to it this week. 2) yesterday was its 40th anniversary (as I highlighted in the Sounds Like Saturday post).

Elton John – Sleeping With The Past — This is a “club” version. The Columbia Record Club version, that is. I have been looking for this because of one song in particular. That song is “Club at the End of the Street.” It wasn’t the biggest song from this album. That goes to either “Healing Hands” or “Sacrifice.” They were released as a “Double A-Side” and it’s confusing. “Club…” did make it to #28. EX.

Charles Aznavour – Ave Maria — We got this in the $1 bin. It’s in VG, probably. It may be able to be cleaned up a bit, but we’ll see. Aznavour is one of the best-selling artists in the world. When he passed away in 2018, I looked him up and saw that CNN and Time called him the Entertainer of the Century in 1998. So, we don’t pass on Monsieur Aznavour.

Jonathan has been going through a lot of new used stock and putting out a lot of great stuff. The “Freshly Used” bins were full. It was exciting. If you watch the Underdog Records social media, you’ll know when Jonathan gets fresh stuff, reissues, new stuff, and more. You can order unused, NEW vinyl by visiting the website. I use Discogs to keep track and make sure I’m not buying stuff that I already had or do a little shuffle at times. It’s cool. You should use it, too.

Until next time, keep spinnin’…
Scorp out!

“When the shades are drawn and the light of the moon is banned and the stars up above walk the heavens hand in hand. There’s a shady place at the end of the working day where young lovers go. And this hot little trio plays. That’s where we meet. That’s where we meet. Me and you rendezvous in the club at the end of the street.” – “Club at the End of the Street” (John/Taupin)