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Are you enjoying the Snowmageddon that is happening outside right now? Or at least if you’re in the Southeast… I hate it, as you’d hear if you listened to the last two Useless Things Podcasts (which you can do here). We had breakfast, picked up the remaining tile we had for the bathroom redo, and went to Underdog Records. Here’s what we got:

Elvis Costello & The Imposters – The Boy Named If — The brand new album from Declan McManus and his band. 2×LP, 180g black vinyl. He sounds just as good as he always has. New.

The Moondoggies – Tidelands — Indie folk/country/pop just the way The BCPF likes it. One of the cool things about Jonathan is that he gives descriptions on the labels of the used stuff which may have trivia or genre-specific stuff. That’s what he did on this and The BCPF bought it because of that. And, he was spot on and she loved it. NM.

Duncan Fellows – Both Sides of the Ceiling — I have no clue what this is, but like the Moondoggies, the description grabbed The BCPF. NM.

George Martin – Beatles To Bond And Bach — Limited Edition, Numbered, Reissue, Blue 180 gram. Record Store Day 2018 exclusive, limited, and numbered, 180-gram audiophile vinyl. Limited Edition of 2.500 Individually Numbered Copies on Blue Vinyl. The number of this version is 002488. NM.

Amor De Días – Street Of The Love Of Days — The only thing you and I have to know about this is “Merge Records.” We know that just about everything that that label puts out is going to be exactly what The BCPF loves and looks for. That’s what we have here. NM.

Great Northern – Trading Twilight For Daylight — 1st pressing translucent red vinyl. I know absolutely nothing more than that. The BCPF was listening to pieces of some of these albums on YouTube to see if she’d like it. EX.

It was an All-The-BCPF Saturday. I picked up the Elvis Costello but I did that for her, so…

Again, I reiterate the importance of what Jonathan does for his customers. He puts descriptions (when applicable) on the labels so you can be better informed about your purchases. Watch the social media for Underdog Records and you’ll see what he has just gotten in and is putting out for purchase. He had probably 1000 records come in this week that he has either purchased or made an offer for. That means something awesome is going to be showing up. Those kinds of collections are always abundant with awesomeness. You can buy NEW vinyl (meaning anything unused, not necessarily new releases) day or night, 24/7/365 by visiting the Underdog website. And, Jonathan, several of my friends and I use Discogs to keep up with our collections. You should, too.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Please don’t let on that you realized we keep our hopes on the night’s skies. And if it’s just one big lie, heaven knows what we all hide.” – “What Took So Long” (Moondoggies)