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On Saturday, The BCPF and I made an international trip without leaving the state.

We headed to Greensboro where we visited a business I have been VERY excited for, Scottish Gourmet USA. I don’t have to explain how much I love all things Scottish. We purchased haggis, black pudding, and back bacon. We also got some clementine and malt whisky marmalade, Laphroaig Handmade Fudge, Walker’s Shortbread Scottie Dogs, and a glass thistle ornament for The BCPF. The owners were a fantastic older couple where he’s from Scotland and she’s from the US. We loved it there. We will go back.

Missing the sausages, the thistle ornament, the coffee, the mustard, but this is a lot of the booty we got on Saturday!!

Next, we went to Euro Deli Mart where we tried almost everything in the deli case, including headcheese that I have never had before. Of course, it’s not cheese at all. It’s made from various parts of the head but usually does not include the brain, eyes, or ears of the animal. Tongues, feet, or hearts can be used, though. We bought some “no junk” Polish sausage (that’s how owner Gosia described it) and dried kabanos-style sausages which remind me of fresher Slim Jims. We also got authentic German mustard, Caponata eggplant salad, gingerbread knots, and coffee. We loved talking with Gosia and loved this store. We will go back. It’s also just about three minutes from where The BCPF works so she can stop in if we need her to.

Next, we took our first trip to Super G Mart. Super Global Mart is a humongous international grocery store. This thing, that is more than just groceries – with bodega-type stores with accessories, cell phones, and such; a few international restaurants; a used appliance store – is like a Super Walmart with all this stuff. Mostly, it’s Asian, Latin food items with a live tilapia tank and live blue crabs, fresh fish market, and so on. We purchased a single-serving espresso-making pot, an 8″ bamboo steamer, Turkish Delight, falafel mix, Crystal hot sauce, and Cholula Chipotle (both of which we could get anywhere), and some chestnuts. I have to say that while it was cool seeing all of that, it was very overwhelming and a lot to take in. We are glad that we know where it is so when we get back to the Country Spinner.

We then met up with the Joneses at Finnigan’s Wake to get one more night with The BCPF and me (where we met if you read my blog post last Monday), get a picture with Opie, and relive some of our history.

So, we hit Scotland, Eastern Europe, Asia, South/Central/Latin America, and Ireland. It was a great international day. It was like traveling without really traveling. I love my time with The BCPF and when we do things like that (and traveling for real) I love my time even more. I recommend Scottish Gourmet and Euro Deli Mart for sure, Super G for an experience, and Finnigan’s Wake before this Saturday when they close forever.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Our family-owned grocery store specializes in Eastern European imports that bring the taste of home and beyond to the Triad.” – Euro Deli Mart