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Yesterday, The BCPF and I went around the world! Well, we went to some international stores and pubs. I’ll talk about that tomorrow. We also went to Underdog Records and got some goodies. Here’s the haul:

©Propeller Sound Recordings

Death Cab For Cutie – Plans — I asked Jonathan about this a few weeks back and he said it has been backordered and no delivery in sight. This was in the used bin and The BCPF found it. 2×LP, 180- Gram, Gatefold. The track “Talking Like Turnstiles” (Track D1) is a bonus track released exclusively on vinyl. Sounds awesome. EX.

The dB’s – I Thought You Wanted To Know 1978-1981 — The dB’s first came to prominence in the early 1980s. Their name is big around here because Peter Holsapple, Chris Stamey, Will Rigby, and Gene Holder are all from WSNC. I have shared the stage with Chris Stamey and have had conversations with Pete Holsapple. While they are from here, they formed the band in NYC. The dB’s, Let’s Active and others of that time should have been bigger, much bigger. Great stuff. 2×LP, Compilation, Limited Edition, Translucent Green. New.

The Connells – Steadman’s Wake — Another NC-based/formed band. We were supposed to see them pre-pandemic and they had to postpone it due to an illness in the band and then we missed the reschedule. Released this week, Gatefold, Color Insert included. New.

Superchunk – Here’s To Shutting Up — Reissue of the band’s 2001 release. Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, Reissue, Orange Swirl Vinyl. New.

Bob Dylan – The Times They Are A-Changin’ — I hate spending money on Bob Dylan albums. Really because I can’t stand listening to him. But, also, I don’t like not having something in the canon of an artist we have many of or who are (of the albums are) important. That’s what happens here. This is a 1975 reissue. Sleeve variation – stereo disc housed in textured rear paster-over sleeve with circled 8905 but NO ‘Stereo’ with arrows, this has a patch over it on the sleeve print location, yet the sleeve has a different number for the Mono-CL 2105. KCS 8905 catalogue number on rear. ‘A’ on sleeve bottom right corner rear. Contains an insert on textured paper that continues the liner notes entitled “11 Outlined Epitaphs” from the back cover. Red and orange Columbia labels. EX.

Mood Rings – VPI Harmony — I don’t have a clue what this is. The BCPF doesn’t have a clue what this is. She thought she may want it and then put it back. I pulled it back out of the the bin and we will see what it is. Wikipedia says it is shoegazing post-punk. So, she should like it. NM.

Bob Dylan – Shot Of Love — You see what I wrote above on Dylan? I especially hate spending money on Dylan Christian albums. VG+.

Level 42 – World Machine — This is Level 42’s sixth album but it is their breakthrough album. Mainstream audiences didn’t know about Level 42 until this album and its hit single “Something About You.” I love that song. Still in shrink wrap with hype sticker, but that will come off when I listen to the album. I keep the hype stickers but cut them off the wrap and put them in the sleeve. EX.

Various – A Look At Yesterday — The marquee name is Stan Getz. That’s why I bought it. VG.

Jonathan was adorned in his Atlanta Braves attire in anticipation of the (eventual) win of his team. We shot the breeze about sports and whatever before we headed out. Watch the social media for Underdog Records to see what J-man got in this week and putting out to purchase, whether it’s new, used or equipment. You can purchase new vinyl day, night, 24/7/365 by visiting the website. Use Discogs to track your music collection, even CDs.

Until tomorrow, keep spinnin’…
Scorp out!

“If ever our love was concealed, no one can say that we didn’t feel a million things and a perfect dream of life. Gone, fragile but free. We remain tender together. If not so in love, it’s not so wrong. We’re only human after all. These changing years, they add to your confusion. Oh and you need to hear the time that told the truth.” – “Something About You” (Badarou/Gould/King/Lindup/Gould)