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My Kousins and I didn’t necessarily talk about KISS tonight. Well, we did, but that wasn’t the main topic. The main topic was what we call something “KISS Adjacent.” That means that even it isn’t KISS, it’s something that had to do with KISS in some shape or form. This week, the main topic was the Alice Cooper album Brutal Planet. Alice Cooper and KISS have had some parallel moments through their careers. But, what makes this KISS Adjacent is that the drummer on this album is KISS’ very own Eric Singer. We listened through the album, gave some commentary of the album and even got in the weeds because that’s what we do. You can listen to that episode here.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“We’re spinning round on this ball of hate, there’s no parole, there’s no great escape. We’re sentenced here until the end of days and then my brother there’s a price to pay. We’re only human, we were born to die. Without the benefit of reason why. We live for pleasure – to be satisfied. And now it’s over there’s no place to hide. Why don’t you, come down to… It’s such a brutal planet.” – “Brutal Planet” (Cooper/Marlette)