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The BCPF and I had a fantastic Saturday. We had lunch, records, record listening, dinner, binge watching. It was recharging. Underdog Records had some cool stuff that came in so we grabbed it. Here’s the haul:

©Warner Bros.

Various – French Women — You know by now that The BCPF and I are Francophiles. We love everything French. The country, the people, the food, the music, especially the music from the past. I don’t know much of the modern French pop music. New.

Prince – Prince — The self-titled second album from the Purple One. As with many of his early albums, Prince played all the instruments on this album and produced it. “I Wanna Be Your Lover” was the “hit” on this album. VG+.

The Police – Synchronicity — Yet another variant that I have collected. I have seven different copies of this album. Yeah, I’m a glutton for punishment. This is BRY (blue/red/yellow) Stewart/Andy/Sting Clock on Left. VG+.

Journey – Departure — This is the last album with Greg Rolie on keyboards. He handpicked his replacement, Jonathan Cain. It peaked at #8 on the Billboard 200 and had the singles “Any Way You Want It” (#23), “Walks Like a Lady” (#32) and “Good Morning Girl/Stay Awhile (medley)” (#55). EX condition.

Ringo Starr – Sentimental Journey — This is the debut album from Ringo. It’s a collection of pre-rock ‘n’ roll standards that Starr recalled from his childhood in Liverpool. As a departure from the experimental quality that had characterized solo LPs by George Harrison and John Lennon since 1968, it was the first studio album by an individual Beatle to embrace a popular music form. VG+.

Nu Shooz – Poolside — I love “I Can’t Wait” but I can see why they never did anything beyond that song. The rest of the album is background noise at best. As The BCPF said, it would okay if it were just incidental music in a club or something, but not for listening with intent. EX.

The Alan Parsons Project – Tales Of Mystery And Imagination — This is the debut from Alan Parsons. This seems to be a reissue as it’s on the Casablanca Records imprint but listings have it on the 20th Century Fox label. From what I can tell, this is basically Alan Parsons bringing whole bands like Ambrosia and Pilot to come in and play his songs. Not, the whole album, but some of it. He has Arthur Brown (from The Crazy World of…) on a song, too. The album made it to #38 on the Billboard 200. EX.

The Alan Parsons Project – Ammonia Avenue — This is the seventh album from APP. It was a big hit for them. It is certified as gold and made it to #14 on the Billboard 200. EX.

Kevin Rowland & Dexys Midnight Runners – Too-Rye-Ay — I don’t know when they added Kevin Rowland as the featured artist on this but when the album came out it was just DMR. The hit (and the only song I’ve ever heard from them), “Come On Eileen” is on this album. The cover sleeve is fantastic but Jonathan has it rated at VG.

Ray Stevens – Ray Stevens’ Greatest Hits — I love me some Ray Stevens. It’s good comedy music. EX.

Pointer Sisters – Black & White — “Slow Hand” and “Should I Do It” were on this album. The sisters’ family, strictly religious folk, were appalled by their move into more secular music and this features “Slow Hand” and that was pretty salacious (for the time). I’m glad they made that move. EX.

Remember folks, if you go to Underdog Records, wear your damned masks. Jonathan had to tell two people in just the time we were there to put one on, including having to give someone a paper mask who took his time putting it on, made snide comments about not having to wear one since last November and when downstairs (out of sight), took it off. Another idiot came in and huffed and puffed when told he had to wear one and pulled it out and put it around his chin without even putting it on his face. Jonathan, who is not a confrontational person had to tell him to pull it up and STILL the guy left his nose uncovered. You can order records 24/7/365 by visiting UR website. I use Discogs to track my collection, including the seven different variants of Synchronicity. You should, too!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Poor old Johnnie Ray. Sounded sad upon the radio, moved a million hearts in mono. Our mothers cried, sang along, who’d blame them? You’ve grown (You’re grown up!). So grown (So grown up!). Now I must say more than ever. (Come on Eileen) Too-ra-loo-ra, too-ra-loo-rye, ay. And we can sing just like our fathers.” – “Come On Eileen” (Rowland/Paterson/Adams)