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Underdog Records was back open after a respite for Jonathan. Soon after, The BCPF and I were at Papa Lee’s Grill where I emceed their “grand opening.” We then spent the late afternoon/evening at Bailey Park enjoying a pop-up from the soon-to-be restaurant, SixHundredDegrees, that is owned by my friends Travis Myers and Ryan Oberle. There was an event in the park that featured Gov’t Mule which is the band of the former-Allman Brothers Band guitarist Warren Haynes who is a native of Asheville. I am Allman Brothers/Allman Brothers-adjacent averse so I didn’t care about that, but it was great to hang around folks who are fans of Travis and Ryan. But, all that isn’t why we’re here today. We’re here for the haul, which is here:

©Def Jam/Roc-A-Fella

Weezer – Weezer — This, just like the Beatles’ self-titled album is known as The White Album. It’s not just all white, like that more famous version, though. It’s Weezer’s “beach album.” Rivers Cuomo said it was obvious that they should do it. Okay. The BCPF loves Weezer (you’ll see a pattern). This is a NM copy.

José González – Local Valley — The BCPF loves her some José González. He’s an Argentinian-Swede that does indie folk music. This is his new album that was released last week. Limited, Green, “Indie Exclusive” edition. Comes in a gatefold jacket. New.

Elliott Smith – Elliott Smith — 25th anniversary remaster. Remastered from the original source material. We have the 2×LP version, too. New. The BCPF chosen.

Kanye West – Late Registration — #120 on the RS list that matters and #119 on the one that doesn’t. I have said this many times: it’s a shame that Ye is such an a-hole because he’s talented. 2×LP. This is in EX condition.

Sufjan Stevens & Angelo De Augustine – A Beginner’s Mind — The BCPF chosen. I don’t know who Angelo De Augustine is. She loves Sufjan Stevens. Olympus Perseus Shield Gold Colored Vinyl. New.

Sebadoh – Bakesale — A The BCPF choice. Contains 11″x11″ color insert with credits. Black vinyl with full album download code (mp3) + 25 extra tracks. From 2011. New.

Mac McCaughan – The Sound Of Yourself — The BCPF’s choice. Mac McCaughan is the founder of Merge Records, and The BCPF loves almost everything that comes out on that label. He’s also the lead singer of Superchunk and Portistatic. New this week.

Silverhead – 16 And Savaged — Silverhead was a 1970s band that Michael Des Barres (known as Murdoc on TV’s MacGuyver and Robert Palmer’s replacement in Power Station). I don’t know anything else about them. It’s hard rock from the early 70s, it should be good. EX all original.

Gustav HolstBerliner Philharmoniker · Herbert von Karajan – The Planets — classical. EX.

Peter Townshend – Who Came First — Pete’s debut album. A lot of the album is part of the aborted Lifehouse concept album from The Who, which later was used for Who’s Next. Gatefold sleeve with poster, but I’m not sure it has the poster inside, as I’ve not looked. VG+.

Heavy on The BCPF faves this week. You can follow Underdog Records on social media to see what he’s gotten in and is putting out for purchase. You can order new vinyl, day or night, 24/7 by visiting the Underdog Records website. Wear a mask if you go. And, use Discogs to track your collection.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“You say you know what he did but you idiot kid, you don’t have a clue. Sometimes they just get caught in the eye.” – “Needle in the Hay” (Smith)