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I have lived in my house for just over 19 years. The BCPF has lived in it for almost 11. I have always “liked” my house but other than having a house, I haven’t loved it. Parts are really cool, or were. Parts can be cool and if we can help it, will.

When my house was built in 1998, garden tubs, jacuzzi tubs, etc. were all the rage. I have NEVER liked them. I don’t like being in them as I don’t like being wet. The BCPF is less than five feet tall and those things are deep. Climbing out of the things are hard for her. We had one in our very large main bath in the en-suite. It looked cool (in the early 2000s) with the glass-block window. But, time passed on, as it does, and it became less “cool” and more an eye-sore.

We also had a dual-head shower in the en-suite. It was made of fiberglass.

I am not a light guy. I am over 300 lbs. I think I carry it well but am 300+. The showers in my house are fiberglass. Fiberglass is just plastic slivers reinforced by glass fibers (hence the name). Fiberglass and 300lbs can only be friends for so long and I have broken the shower upstairs, twice. We used the single person (a very small person) shower in our downstairs bathroom because we couldn’t use the upstairs one. Well, guess what…? I broke that one twice, too. But, not as bad and it’s on the ground floor with a concrete base. The upstairs one had started making marks in our kitchen ceiling which was directly below it. We had to do something…

So, we did. We hired West Shore Home to come take that fiberglass piece of trash shower out and the grotesque monstrosity of a jacuzzi tub along with it. They replaced the garden tub area with a very large two-head shower that is made of acrylic with easy-to-clean acrylic walls. They took the old shower away, made a wall where the shower doors were and created a closet.

There was a lot of “scarring” on the floor where the tub sat. We had them reserve the whole tiles that they removed to put the new shower. But, I think looking at it now, it won’t be feasible to use them to fix the scarring. West Shore is also not licensed to do sheetrock work so we will have to do some things. That works for us because it turns out this has opened some creative juices in both The BCPF and me. So, we are going to look into some salvage warehouses and getting ideas for tile styles, a new vanity, paint schemes, and so on. The en-suite bathroom is going to be a showcase, again, to go with its new centerpiece. I’ll share that journey as we make it.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Everyone who’s ever taken a shower has an idea. It’s the person who gets out of the shower, dries off and does something about it who makes a difference.” – Nolan Bushnell