You know I do a podcast with my Kousins (my actual cousins) about the band KISS because it is all three of our favorite band. It’s called Asylum – Tales From the Devereaux Diaries. We talk about KISS and KISS-adjacent topics. This week we talked about our top 10 album closers, meaning the final song on KISS albums. The assignment was mine. The caveat was no live albums and no compilations. Solo albums were allowed and I used one of the four as one of my closers. You can listen to that episode, here.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“You, you’re living your life when you’re dreaming. Late at night you’re hearing my voice in your head, yeah. But you can’t silence your own heavy breathing, ha! When you try, you wake up alone in your bed.” – “Say Yeah” (Stanley)