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Today, we had a school shooting. One that included one student being shot by another student and the victim succumbed to his injuries at the hospital. They have caught the suspect responsible. We were supposed to have Sabrina Wingo from Taste of the Triad on The Less Desirables to talk about her restaurant and celebrate her birthday (which is today). Tracy has a high school aged daughter and she along with students across the district were in lockdown mode and by the time Tracy got there, she was pretty shaken. The storms came through and so I told Bethany not to come. I just talked for about 3 minutes. I was not then and don’t plan on talking about retaliation. But, I hope the young person, if found guilty, pays his debt to the family of the boy whose mother can never hug her son again. So, we didn’t have a podcast. I recorded something but it wasn’t our normal thing. You can listen to what I did record here.

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“The victim was identified as William Chavis Raynard Miller Jr.” – Bobby Kimbrough