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On Asylum – Tales from the Devereaux Diaries Podcast tonight, the Kousins made their own fantasy list of what a KISS MY A$$ II (Again, Once More, etc.) would look like. Actually, two of the Kousins got one entry (both artist and song) the same. They must be related. They actually got two matches but one was only an honorable mention so you choose to count that or not. For those of you not familiar with what I’m talking about, KISS My A$$ was a KISS tribute album that was actually put together by KISS, at least who got to do what on the album. So, if there was another one made this is how we’d want it to look. If you’re a KISS fan, who would you want to see or hear do KISS songs? Gimme about 10-15 entries. And… GO!

Listen to that episode here. And today’s BWVD here.


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“I want to hear Prince do ‘Let’s Put the ‘X’ in Sex” – Me