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Dear Reader, it’s hard for me admit when I’m overwhelmed. Very hard for me to admit. But, here I am admitting it. I think I’m overwhelmed. I have always been a completist. I want to finish the things I start. I want to keep streaks alive. I want to do lists. I want to do so much.

I love podcasting. I may have told this story before, but here goes again…

I got into podcasting because I have always wanted to be in radio. But, I didn’t have the stones to be in radio. At least that’s what I thought. My best friend was in radio (shoutout to Eugene B. Sims!!!) and while I wasn’t jealous of that, I was envious that I wasn’t on radio. I always thought he and I would make a great morning show. Him the straight man and me the buffoon/goofy character. Around 2007, I had gotten wind of this whole new medium called podcasting. Well, what was it? It was basically radio shows that were recorded and people could listen “on demand.”

Now mind you, I never wanted to be a talk radio person. I wanted to be a DJ that spun music and got to do the “info-stitials” between songs. But, podcasting allowed me to do what I wanted (within reason) and do it in my house and be able to edit so I didn’t mess up. I don’t know why my “stones” problem bothered me because now, 2,028 podcasts later, I think I can say I got the hang of it. I have hosted radio shows. I have done all these podcasts. Beeswax Vinyl Daily, kind of allows me to do the DJ thing I always wanted to do.

Why did I tell you all that? Well, I was getting to why I’m overwhelmed. I started a new daily podcast last week – I told you about that – and it takes a bit of time for each episode. Luckily for you, Dear Reader, they’re only about 10 minutes long so you’re not bogged down by epic episodic entanglements! I still do The Man Who Ate the Town, The Beer Dads, The Less Desirables, Asylum – Tales from the Devereaux Diaries, Fan Interference and produce a lot of business and informational podcasts from contracts. And, oddly enough, I’m still looking for more of those. I have some podcasts in the works as we speak. But, I still have to have a life and I need to be able to concentrate on the things that go into those things that I obligated myself to do.

This blog used to be a long-winded blah blah blah of a time for me. And outside of this episode, it has gotten quite passé to me. I don’t like that. I have done (or at least accounted for) this blog every day since November 1, 2014. That’s almost seven years. But, it’s hard to come up with content on a daily basis. Now, don’t hear me wrong, I’m not dropping it. I’m not even going to say I’m not doing it every day, still. What I am saying is that it may be a good bit of what I’ve come to call “Piggybacking.” It will probably become an advert for the podcasts that I’m doing. There will still be some of the “Now Normal Chronicle” things but, I’m already doing that, basically, with the Beeswax Vinyl Daily, right? The only difference is it will be a link to a podcast and not a video. I will still throw you a video bone every once in a while. I’m rambling and this is a lot of words, Dear Reader, I’m sorry.

I really do appreciate your reading and sticking with me so long.

To hear today’s episode of BWVD, click here.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“…most Dead fans I know, hate that song…” – Me