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Tomorrow is the 44th anniversary of one of my favorite KISS albums and the first one I ever owned. That album is Love Gun. The sixth studio album from MY Glam Four, it has several concert staples, especially at that time. The title track and “Christine Sixteen” and when Ace was in the band, “Shock Me.” And, I sat and looked at that Ken Kelly cover for long periods of time. If you search back for June 30 on this blog, you’ll find what I’ve written in the past.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“I remember the day that we met. I needed someone, you needed someone too, yeah. Spend time takin’ all you could get. Givin’ yourself was one thing, you never could do. You played with my heart, played with my head. I got to laugh when I think of the things you said,” – “I Stole Your Love” (Stanley)