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Since yesterday was my parents’ anniversary and my anniversary for being in WSNC, I didn’t get to piggyback the podcasts.

On The Man Who Ate the Town, Ray and I talked with Chef Eric Brownlee of The Katharine Brasserie and Bar about coming to WSNC, his French-style cooking techniques, his plans for the Katharine’s menu and more. Cloverdale Kitchen closed and a new restaurant called District 924 opened just south of downtown.

Listen here to that episode.

On The Beer Dads, the Dads went through what we call the “soundtracks of our lives.” We talked about music that meant something to us at various points in our lives and how we may feel about those things now. Our tastes may have changed. What was a favorite at one time may not be now and vice versa.

Listen to that episode here.

We appreciate you listening to our podcasts. You can visit the TLD Network page if you want to catch up on old eps of any of the podcasts, too!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
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