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The BCPF and I got up and went to eat and then did some immediate grocery shopping for our project for today (even though we have to go do some more this morning) and decided to let the RSD crowd settle down. I love RSD but there just wasn’t any titles this drop that I was interested in enough to camp out and if there had been one or two things I wanted, I could have Venmoed money to one of my friends that were participating. So, the rush had waned and it was cool to just go and look at what was left over. The BCPF had things she wanted and she did get two of those things, but we just purchased a few items and went on our way. Here’s the haul (all are new except the last one):

©Record Store Day

Ella Fitzgerald – Ella In Berlin — The BCPF loves Ella. I wish we would have looked at the track list before purchasing it. It’s a 12″ maxi single. Two versions (1960 & 1962) each of “Mack the Knife” and “Summertime” (I hate that song). Limited Edition only 4000 total pressed.

Black Francis – Abbabubba (Bsides, Etc.) — The BCPF loves her some Pixies (at least the studio albums) and this is Frank Black’s RSD contribution. It was one of the two she was looking for. Limited Edition, Reissue, Black & White Split. Record Store Day 2021, Drop 1 exclusive limited of 1750 copies. 180g.

Joni Mitchell – Archives – Volume 1: The Early Years (1963-1967): Highlights — The other she was looking for. Compilation, Limited Edition, 180g. Many of these recordings were produced informally and on non-studio-grade equipment. There are some occasional, inherent audio anomalies, but we feel the historical significance, the music, and the performances far outweigh any of those audio imperfections. The release – which has been supervised by Joni Mitchell – features rare home recordings, live performances, and radio broadcasts recorded between 1963 and 1967. Pressed on 180gram vinyl, exclusively for RSD Drops 2021. Strictly limited to 15000 copies worldwide.

Echo And The Bunnymen – Live In Liverpool — 2×LP, Reissue, Clear. Record Store Day 2021, Drop 1 Exclusive. 180g. Recorded in 2001 at Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. Limited of 3500. This was my pickup.

We got the Jeffrey Dean Foster album that was released for yesterday, too, but it’s not in Discogs, yet. I haven’t had time to put it in. JDF is a friend of mine, in fact, I should see him today but if not, Thursday and definitely Friday. RSD was doing regional releases this drop and Jeff’s was one of them.

Orquesta Aragon – Boleros Con Cha Cha Cha — Continuing our fascination of “world music.” This isn’t on their official discography, so I don’t know what it is, per se. VG+.

So, RSD drop 1 is done. Drop 2 is July 17. Check out the RSD website for more info. I may camp for that one. I haven’t decided, yet. There are a couple of King’s X albums that I would love to have, so maybe. Jonathan looked tired but good yesterday. He said it was the longest line he’s ever had and he thinks he did okay on the sales. He will be doing a sale for the unsold RSD inventory as well as a regular sale, I figure. Follow him on social media and go to the Underdog Records website to purchase and peruse. I use Discogs to track my collection and to bring these blog posts to you. You should use it for your collection, too. Even if it’s not on vinyl. They do that.

Until tomorrow, keep spinnin’…
Scorp out!

“Under blue moon, I saw you. So soon you’ll take me up in your arms, too late to beg you or cancel it, though I know it must be the killing time. Unwillingly mine. Fate up against your will through the thick and thin. He will wait until you give yourself to him.” – “The Killing Moon” (de Freitas/Pattinson/McCulloch/Sergeant)