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Yesterday was Memorial Day and man did we feast. The whole family was there. My friends over at Mr. Barbecue hooked me up with some delicious victuals to share with my tribe. We had a pan of Mr. Barbecue’s famous pulled pork and “B” sauce. We had their baked beans, potato salad, white (cole) slaw, barbecue (red) slaw and they sent along two packages of buns. We chowed down on all of it. It was so good and so much fun to be able to reintroduce my family to what is, in my opinion, the best barbecue in town. Thank you to Jimmy Carros and his crew over at Mr. Barbecue for an incredible Memorial Day meal.

They now have a drive-thru and were able to retain their grandfathered status even after the fire and kept the wood-fired ovens that made their bbq so delicious. They have extended hours from 1030a-930p. So much deliciousness over there. When you go, tell them that The Man Who Ate the Town sent you!!!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

Since 1962, Mr. Barbecue has been serving GREAT barbecue to Winston-Salem, NC and the surrounding areas!” – Mr. Barbecue