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Today is the 31st anniversary of Steelheart’s self-titled debut. Mili Matajevic set the hair band world on fire with his amazing range. Now, the rock purists will give him heck for all the stuff, the ballads and all that, but he also went on to provide half of the voice for Mark Walhberg’s character in Rock Star (along with Jeff Scott Soto). I liked this album. I had it on cassette and it was stolen when a friend borrowed it and took it to the beach. The friend didn’t steal it, someone stole it from her. Anywhat, this guy is amazing on this cover. Enjoy!

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“Angel eyes, you have angel eyes, such a smile that lights up my life. You’re a dream come true, now I’m holding you. And I’ll never, never let you go, I will never let you go!” – “I’ll Never Let You Go” (Matijevic/Ward)