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Today, I got to run my mouth, as I enjoy doing and having a good time doing it. I was the PA announcer for the NCAA Women’s D1 Tournament. I got to do two games, University of South Florida Bulls vs. Central Connecticut State University Blue Devils (the Bulls won, 3-0) and the Colorado University Buffaloes vs. University of South Alabama Jaguars (the Jags won 1-0). In the past I have talked badly of soccer. Well, distant past. I actually really enjoy EPL and my Tottenham Hotspurs. I like professional soccer (not MLS). I just never cared about kids’ soccer or high school. I am usually indifferent to college sports all-around. This was different though. These ladies had been doing this all their lives. Many are on the verge of realizing their dream of becoming professional soccer players. In fact, a few from the teams were missing because they had already been drafted into the pro women’s leagues.

McPherson Stadium at Byran Park in Greensboro, NC.

Now, if you are into soccer, you’re thinking, wait! Soccer is a fall sport not a spring/summer sport. And you’d be correct. This is the 2020 NCAA tournament. Truncated season with a smaller bracket just so the tourney could go on was the order of the last few months. But, so that they teams and players could do their thing, this was the result. I found a newfound excitement about college sports, these athletes live for the college life, there is truly school spirit and they have a passion for this game. That excitement actually went through me, as well. It was a great experience and I enjoyed the games.

There was a bit of a kerfuffle for me in the first game as they had me attempting to run the scoreboard as well (the press box is small) and I don’t know the rules of college soccer (or professional soccer) enough to do that. So, they had someone come and take care of that and I was able to do my job. I liked it. I like getting paid to talk.

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“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to McPherson Stadium at Bryan Park” – me