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Today is the 38th anniversary of Rush’s tenth studio album, Grace Under Pressure. This was the first thing I ever heard from Rush as I didn’t have access to this stuff outside of people who had already heard it and loved it. No one I knew in WV was a Rush fan, it wasn’t played on any of the radio stations that we had access to and, of course, we didn’t have but a handful of television channels so nothing would have been playing them. I do remember the first time I did see them, I was at my grandmother’s house in Princeton, WV and they did have MTV. I sat glued to the TV whenever we were there. This came on and while I liked the video with Geddy riding the missile and all that, I didn’t really hear much or care for what I heard of the song. I grew up. I started appreciating Rush and now, I have to admit I have become a fan. Not a rabid fan. Not a “fanatic” (where the word fan comes from), but a casual fan. So the reason I picked this version is because while the song is layered and probably not “live” it is still impressive that the drummer can sing Geddy’s parts and play Neil’s drum parts. Enjoy!

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“The world weighs on my shoulders but what am I to do? You sometimes drive me crazy, but I worry about you. I know it makes no difference to what you’re going through. But I see the tip of the iceberg and I worry about you.” – “Distant Early Warning” (Peart/Lee/Lifeson)