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Today is the 46th anniversary of the third KISS album, Dressed To Kill. While it has at least three of some of my favorite KISS tunes, it also has some real clunkers. The album is comprised of a lot of filler tracks, including TWO holdovers from the band’s Wicked Lester days, and was put together hastily in desperation. It also is the album with the studio version of “that” song. “Rock N Roll All Nite” was the song that broke KISS to the mainstream world. Everything else was “underground” at least unknown to most. I hate that song. Really, only because it has been over played. If I go to a KISS concert, I am singing, at the top of my lungs, along with every single word. But, I hate listening to recorded versions of it. That’s why I picked one of the aforementioned a) one of my favorite KISS songs and b) a Wicked Lester leftover. Enjoy!

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“Doing well for others, she doesn’t really know. The powers are within her as she takes off her clothes. I know she’s going down, going, everybody knows she’s so good.” – “She” (Simmons/Coronel)