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Yesterday, I took my biggest step toward being “normal” again. To be able to eat inside restaurants again (with my wife). To be able to go places, perhaps travel, etc. I got my vaccination yesterday. The BCPF got her first dose of the Moderna shot last Monday. She goes back the first week in April for the second dose. The shot I got was the Johnson & Johnson vax and that is a one-and-done shot. Some people who had it felt tired and drained. I felt no such thing. Well, maybe I did. Toward the end of the day, I was a little drained. But, it was the end of the day. My arm is sore today, but it’s really doesn’t ache any more than a flu shot does. So, all that said, I’m glad to be on the back end of the quarantine journey. Let’s hope everyone else gets their vax on and we move past this.

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Scorp out!

“You no more have the right to risk others by failing to vaccinate than you do by sending your child to school with a hunting knife. Vaccination isn’t a private choice but a civic obligation.” – Nicholas Kristof