I’m going to be quick about this, not because I haven’t anything to say but because I’ve said it so many times before. Seriously, you can look back on this date all the way back to 2015 and see what I’ve written about this. Today is Stephanie’s birthday. Yes, The BCPF. Another year. Another solar circumnavigational anniversary day. Another year that she is here with me to celebrate life and, well, her. So much stays the same year after year, yet so much changes daily. I love her beyond any “pretty words” I could put down here. She is the best wife I could have picked and I know a lot of you say that because your trying to get in good graces. I have news for you all. You’re dreaming if you think your wife is the greatest. She wins. I won the lottery and I’m not trading in my ticket. She is the greatest.

Stephanie is my biggest fan, biggest supporter, part-time critic, and first to call BS on me. Just another reason to love her. I am so glad she’s my baby, my Cinnamon Toast Crunch, my Best Girl. I look forward to about 40 more of your birthdays, darling.

Until tomorrow, happy birthday to my woman!
Tim out!

“I know I’ve fallen for you…” – “Fallen” (Beeman)