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Today is the 35th anniversary of my favorite Ozzy Osbourne album, The Ultimate Sin. Yes, I know it’s not his “best.” I know it’s basically the pariah of all Ozzy albums, but it was my first listen, ever of solo Ozzy. Actually, I didn’t even know that Ozzy was the singer in Black Sabbath when The Road Warriors used to come out to “Iron Man.” I was in a band in WV called Kollosus. I had just learned to play the E string on bass and was learning more. We played “Shot in the Dark” in that band and I remember having to play the B on the A string. Whoo I was venturing out! Anywhat! When I moved here later that year, I got the album and the tabs and learned how much I liked that album and only then did I venture back in the catalog to listen to older Ozzy. It was Tribute that set me on the Ozzy Crazy Train, but this got me out of the station. Enjoy!

Minimal steps today because the weather was crappy.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Taught by the powers that preach over me, I can hear their empty reasons. I wouldn’t listen, I learned how to fight. I opened up my mind to treason. But just like the wounded, and when it’s too late, they’ll remember, they’ll surrender. Never a care for the people who hate. Underestimate me now.” – “Shot in the Dark” (Soussan/Osbourne)