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This is reprinted from last year with edits made as needed.


Today is the 46th 47th anniversary of KISS. The band started in 1973 but this album came out on February 18, 1974. Only eight months older than its successor, Hotter Than Hell which was only five months before its successor, Dressed To Kill. This isn’t my top KISS album but came in at #3 on my rankings (you can read “Part I” or “Part II” of my ranking list by clicking those links). It had the lion’s share of the spots on the first Alive! album, too (7 of the 16 tracks were from this album).

This week we talk about Symphony – Alive IV on Asylum – Tales From the Devereaux Diaries Podcast and next week we talk about The Millenium Concert but the week after that, we will review this album.

Instead of looking out for some half-good cover version, I’m pulling out one of the most famous videos of this song. It was the version featured in the KISS Xposed video and is with Gene doing the blood thing. It rocks! Enjoy!

Until tomorrow, keep KISSin’!
Scorp out!

“And baby, won’t you let me? I think I’m going out of my head. I’m just about to, ooh yeah!” – “100,000 Years” (Stanley/Simmons)