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Moving the Haul to today so I could rant yesterday. You know how it is, Dear Reader.

Saturday was a good day. Breakfast, Underdog Records, records listening, dinner, binge watching The Crown and Will & Grace. Here’s the haul, I think we got good stuff:

©Red Star/BMG

Nat King Cole – Nat King Cole Golden Treasury “Unforgettable” — Our ever-expanding Nat King Cole collection got six records bigger. This 6×LP collection is in VG++ shape (best I can tell) and is chock-full of Nat’s finest tunes. 60 tunes to be exact. The Canadian version had an extra LP with 10 extra songs. The box is nice and is probably in VG shape. It is an original 1966 edition.

Suicide – Suicide — The 1977 debut album from this eclectic, somewhat weird and groundbreaking American duo. It’s synth punk, early new wave, somewhat minimalist synth pop. It was #441 on the RS list that matters and slipped to #498 on the one that doesn’t. It’s on blood red vinyl. New, remastered, deluxe and limited edition.

Various – Streets Of Fire – Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack — “I Can Dream About You” from Dan Hartman would have been enough to buy this record. Really, that is why I bought the record. That and I didn’t already have it. I thought the film was decent and I just wanted it. It’s a club edition which really makes little difference to me. It is BMG/RCA club which tends to be a little less on quality than the Columbia House versions, but whatever. VG+.

ZZ Top – El Loco — Two Beards with a Beard (what I call ZZ Top) had a classic rock, Texan blues based sound in the 70s and with this album, started a trend that opened them to a whole new audience (like me) and synths started to become part of the process. The hits from this were “Tube Snake Boogie” and “Pearl Necklace.” Both which were innuendo and double entendre. This was the last album before the first time I heard of the band which was the next album, Eliminator. That’s right, I had never even heard of them until then. VG++/EX.

AC/DC – Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap — I’ve never been a huge AC/DC fan but this album, Highway to Hell and Back in Black, I love. Heavens Sake did “Big Balls” and I really enjoy that tune. This is in EX condition.

Buffalo Springfield – Buffalo Springfield — This was the original pressing of this album because it does not have “For What It’s Worth” on it. That song was released as an independent single and did a great job. ATCO (the record company) decided to repress the album with that song on it, so to capitalize. This doesn’t have it, so it’s an original pressing. It’s a decent shape. Jonathan has it listed as VG, and overall I think that’s correct. The cover is VG/VG- to me.

Underdog Records was kicking it when we went in. Few people when we first got there (right after opening) but people started shuffling in. Good for Jonathan! So, we haven’t worked all the details about it yet and I don’t want to mention half details but I can say that Jonathan and I are rebooting the Beeswax Vinyl & More podcast. Some aspects of the old show may stick around while new aspects will be added. When we have things nailed down to format, I’ll write a post about that.

Meanwhile, go to Underdog Records for all your vinyl needs, be it turntables, protective sleeves, dust brushes, or the records themselves. They are opened Thursday-Saturday with store-to-porch deliveries (weather permitting) Monday-Wednesday. You can shop NEW vinyl, anytime, day or night, by visiting the Underdog website.

I use Discogs to track my collection and on occasion add to it from the Marketplace. I’m waiting on a purchase, now, so hopefully by next weekend I can tell you some good news.

Until tomorrow, keep spinnin’…
Scorp out!

“If you’re having trouble with the high school head, he’s giving you the blues. You wanna graduate, but not in his bed, here’s what you gotta do: pick up the phone, I’m always home. Call me anytime. Just ring: 3-6, 2-4, 3-6, hey! I lead a life of crime!” – “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” (Young/Young/Scott)