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I come to you tonight, Dear Reader, with some incredible news. I also come to you with tired feet, legs, back and a slight bit of chaffing. Today, specifically this morning, I got up after not walking at all (with intent, that is) yesterday, and also to make up for the burger and fries I had the night before (I was on The Man Who Ate the Town duty), I decided I was going to do a little extra walking. I walked to Ma ‘Rents’ place (which is about 200 yards mostly uphill), around the upper- to lower- driveways and zigzagged my way back down the hill toward my house. When I got to my driveway, I walked the circle an extra five to six times until I reached .6 of a mile, which is .1 more than usual. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but every bit counts.

It’s actually at 10843 right now…

I came in and immediately took a shower. I had a client to publish a podcast for and a session for another coming at 9a. So, I got my Podcast Recording Gear together and went on to the studio. I was there about 810a. I set everything up and decided to myself, heck, I feel good, let me get some steps in. The parking lot at my studio is pretty large so I just walked the perimeter until I felt I had “done enough.” I checked my watch and it said I was at 1.4 miles so I said let’s go for two miles. I hit two miles at 856a. I felt really good about his. The kicker was, my session at 9a was Kristen Norton of Well Balanced Nutrition. I shared that with her, she was excited, as was her session partner, Eleanor Russell, a health advisor with Shaklee. We did their podcasts (three) with a stand-and-stretch session between them. After I walked them outside, I was like wow! It feels great out here today, let’s get some steps in!

My daily goal, as set by my watch, is 6000 steps. I haven’t hit that since I started this (and really haven’t hit that goal in a really long time). Well, waiting on the cleaning crew to come do my office, I went until I hit 6000 steps. I hit that at around 1127a. So, a text went out to The BCPF, Kristen, Eleanor, ma Mère and ma Père. Excitement abounds.

I started on my annual “Big Project” with DTWS Partnership and decided I was going to do something different with the videos this year. I was going to get real footage. So, I went to one of the winners, which happened to be in the same area as three of the other winners and shot actual video footage with my camcorder. I walked many a step, up steps, down steps, on hilly terrain, back-and-forth, and man… those steps wracked up.

Think back a few years, Dear Reader. Those of you who have been with me for a while know that in addition to The Man Who Ate the Town, I also did The Man Who Walked the Town and had a 10k (steps) by 10a (10am) goal on Saturdays. That was crazy but I did it. Since I got a new phone and smart watch my step count has gone down to 6000 steps which is still a lot. Well, after a long day of walking, filming, podcasting, walking, and walking… I decided I needed to grab some food and since I’m eating healthier, I went to Yamas Mediterranean Street Food because, well, they’re Yamas. Also, they have lots of good complex carbs like grains and lots of veggies. I purposely parked down the street and walked up to Yamas. Once I got inside the door, I looked at my watch. I was over 10k steps!!! I felt good!

In the session, Kristen asked me how I felt about walking this morning. I told her I felt f*****g phenomenal! I feel alive! I still did. I actually have a thing I do when I hit a walking goal that dates back to TMWWTT days and I do my Rocky Balboa pose (arms raised in a “Y”). I did that at 9a, 1130a and now at 615p hitting that goal. I am sore. I will feel it tonight and tomorrow, especially. But, I did it. Yo, The BCPF, I did it! (bad Sylvester Stallone imitation).

Until tomorrow, I’m going to bed…
Scorp out!

“My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was sixty. She’s ninety-seven now, and we don’t know where the hell she is.” – Ellen DeGeneres