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Yesterday was Jonathan’s birthday, so The BCPF and I went to a local coffee shop and got him a special coffee and pain au chocolate. He turned 40! Yay, him!! Here’s our haul:


Pat Benatar – Wide Awake In Dreamland — This was her last rock oriented album of the 80s. She went bluesy after that. I didn’t really care for this album after listening yesterday. The hit, “All Fired Up” was okay but meh to the rest of it. EX.

The Firm – The Firm — An 80s supergroup featuring Paul Rodgers of Bad Company, Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, Chris Slade who was in several bands including Uriah Heep and AC/DC, and vagabond bassist, Tony Franklin. Their biggest hit was “Radioactive” off of this album. I have always liked that song. EX.

John Renbourn – The Lady And The Unicorn — I know nothing about this. This was The BCPF’s doing. I think he is a folk guitarist who did some solo and ensemble work throughout his career. He passed in 2015. VG+.

Arthur Buck – Arthur Buck — This is a collaboration/side project with Peter Buck from REM fame and singer-songwriter Joseph Arthur in which Buck and Arthur share songwriting duties. This was their eponymous debut album that came out in June 2018. It’s a bit weird, upbeat, eclectic. Not what I expected from Peter Buck. I don’t know who Joseph Arthur is. This was a Barnes & Noble exclusive and is signed (under the cellophane), limited to 500 copies. We opened it because records are for listening. NM.

Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin – Jane Birkin – Serge Gainsbourg — Originally released in 1969. Remastered from the original tapes. Gatefold LP includes insert with new detailed liner notes and English / French lyrics. That part alone should tell you why we got this… French. NM.

The Cars – Door To Door — According to Wikipedia: Door to Door is the sixth studio album by American rock band the Cars, released on August 25, 1987, on Elektra Records. The album was self-produced by band members Ric Ocasek and Greg Hawkes. Three singles were released from the album, though only “You Are the Girl” reached the top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at #17. The album was the lowest charting album to date for the band, only peaking at #26 on the Billboard 200, and within a year of its release the band would break up. Door to Door was the group’s last studio album before they disbanded in 1988. It was also the last Cars record to feature Benjamin Orr before his death in 2000. The band would not release another studio album until 2011’s Move Like This. I don’t recognize any of the tunes from this but, we haven’t listened to it, either. NM original pressing.

Warrior – Fighting For The Earth — I got this because it looks like the early- to mid-80s “heavy metal” that I’ve been seeking out lately. I do know that Vinnie Vincent (who was in KISS briefly and Vinnie Vincent Invasion) was in a band called Warrior but they only got to the demo stage. There is a guy that looks like Vinnie on the back cover but he’s not in pink, so I don’t know. Actually, I do know, Vinnie isn’t on this. I also don’t think it’s the same band. That was back in 1981/1982 or so. This is from 1985. I don’t know what to expect, I’ll report back when I listen. VG+.

Triumph – Thunder Seven — Although I know little about Triumph over all, I know that I do like what I have heard. “Follow Your Heart” is on this one. It was worth it for that track alone. I know Triumph gets pushed out of the way as a three-piece rock outfit from Canada for another three-piece rock outfit from Canada, Rush. I’ll let you know how it is. EX.

Foreigner – Inside Information — This is the sixth studio album by Foreigner, released in 1987. The album debuted at 15, on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart and was certified Platinum in the U.S. It was the last album to feature the 80’s core lineup of Gramm, Jones, Wills, and Elliott. “Say You Will,” “I Don’t Want to Live Without You,” “Out of the Blue,” and “Heart Turns to Stone” were on this album. Gramm left to do his solo thing. I’ve seen Foreigner live in Disney World with whomever the singer was in 2013. Wasn’t a bad show. Club Edition (CRC), EX.

Jonathan and his girlfriend, Kerri were taking off after work yesterday to go on a mini-vacation. Good for them. If you go to the website and order something, just know that it may be a few days before he gets back with you. Be patient.

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Until tomorrow, keep spinnin’…
Scorp out!

“Well, I’m not uptight, not unattractive. Turn me on tonight ’cause I’m radioactive.” – “Radioactive” (Rodgers)