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Today was a very Proud Papa moment. Today, my son, Trey (yes, 3B) and my nephew, Ryan, graduated from Providence Culinary Training. According to the website: Some who enroll in our culinary training program want to learn new skills and make new connections after a job loss. Some want to enhance their skills and pursue better-paying opportunities in the culinary field. Some want to fine-tune their knowledge to start a business. Some are simply seeking a fresh start. Everyone who enrolls is supported as an individual as they move through the Providence Culinary Training program and as they establish themselves after graduation.

Trey and Ryan actually finished his program late last year but C-19 kept the graduation from happening. They each went on to work at a few other places and Trey got hired at Providence full-time. He does catering, events and other things. But, he’s still getting a boatload of education from this.

As for the graduation, each class member (there were four classes with the number of students ranging from two to five) got to have one person attend. So, I was lucky enough to be his guest and my sister was Ryan’s guest. As part of the graduation, each student got a nice Chef’s knife set and a Providence cook book.


Each class had a student that won the “Golden Cutting Board” which was for most outstanding student. Well, I’m going to just cut to it… Trey won the GCB for his class. I mean, was there any doubt? Not from me. He got up and spoke both during the graduation part and the GCB part.

The part that was really the surprise was when it was announced that Trey is actually in the Providence Residency Program. That means that he’s getting top-notch training in all aspects of the culinary industry for two years and getting paid for it. I asked him about it prior to the program’s commencement and he said he wasn’t, that he was just an employee.

Chef Jeff Bacon announced when one person was “graduating” from that program, that Trey was part of the residency and even said, “he thinks he’s just an employee.” It was a fantastic feeling.

Trey getting the Golden Cutting Board

Then it happened. Chef V (Vanessa, I don’t know her last name) who had “retired” from Providence this past month spoke and gave a moving speech. Afterward, I got to thank her for all she had done for all the students but especially my boy, my world. She talked about how he was her “right hand” and was able to almost predict what she was doing or needing. She said she told Chef Brian, who took her place, “make sure you take care of Trey.” She wished that he goes on to great things and that he has the talent and ability to be amazing. “He’s going to go very far.”

So, my “boy” that just three years ago I worried would never find their footing or direction, is doing manly things, not just here but in other situations that he had to deal with this week that I won’t speak of. He’s a mature, handsome, talented, and driven young man. I love this guy so much. So, yeah, Proud Papa, indeed.

And, on top of that, I walked 5663 steps (just 337 from my “goal”). That equates to 2.62 miles. Yay me!

The Golden Cutting Board

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Our intensive classes meet five days a week, six hours a day, for 13 weeks, wrapping up with a one week internship at a local restaurant or foodservice organization.” – Providence Culinary Training