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Today, February 3, 2021, is 11 years, to the day, since the very first episode of The Less Desirables was recorded. I’ve told the story before and if you look back on this blog for this date, I’m sure you’ll find it. But, I am proud of what it has been. I appreciate where it is and I love where I plan to take it. It is the longest, continuously running “pop culture” podcast in NC. Every Wednesday (minus one) since February 3, 2010. Today we recorded #573. It was cool to have my cousins, sorry… “kousins” from Asylum – Tales from the Devereaux Diaries. It was a good show!

So for today, I’m going to repost the very first episode. Give it a listen and then listen to the one recorded today. You will marvel at how much it has changed, even beyond different hosts.

Until tomorrow, happy anniversary TLD!!!
Scorp out!

“So don’t do it…” – Brian Attridge