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Today is the 22nd anniversary of Built To Spill’s Keep It Like a Secret album, which happens to be a fave of The BCPF. You’ll remember we just got it this weekend and I talked about it on Sunday’s blog. Neither of us knew it was the anniversary this week. Serendipity. This is her favorite song on the album and instead of finding some lame cover, I picked the actual band. Enjoy!

I walked 4296 steps today. That includes three long active stretches of land/road covered. A good day.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“I can’t be your apologist very long. I’m surprised that you’d want to carry that on. Count your blemishes. You can’t, they’re all gone. I can’t see your response putting them back on.” – “Carry the Zero” (Martsch/Nelson/Plouf)