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Well, Dear Reader, today was the doctor’s appointment. The one I have obsessed over this week, on this blog. I braced myself for the diagnosis of pre-diabetes. And, what I said earlier this week was true: there are other factors and I’m no doctor and all that. It turns out that my glucose reading could have been something I had eaten or drunk the day or even days before my bloodwork was done. They weren’t at all concerned with that. My A1Cs were perfectly fine and that’s what counts toward diabetes. So, whew! on that, right?

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But, I’m not out of the woods, just yet. There were two factors that we had to talk about. My triglycerides are at 238. The standard range is 0-149. So, I’m well over that. The other thing is my weight. I am the heaviest I’ve ever been right now. I weighed in at 321. Three. Hundred. Twenty. One. Pounds. Jeez o’Pete. So, these are the focus, now. I don’t think my regiment will change.

When I told my doctor of the plan that Kristen Norton of Well Balanced Nutrition and I had agreed upon, the same schedule I talked about earlier this week, here, he was very excited and happy with it. A couple of things specifically. He loved the idea of limiting the majority of the simple carbs (the white bread, pizza crust, french fries, etc.) and introducing more complex carbs (brown rice, potatoes with skins, beans, etc.) and a cupped handful of veggies. He was also very high on the 12-hour fast and increasing it over time. I have been able to work with that this week. It’s not bad at all. Pretty easy. Yesterday alone I was over 14 hours, which I broke the fast with a small cobb salad and a cup of chili (with black beans!). Dinner last night had seafood, corn and potatoes with skins. Sure, I stole a couple of bites of The BCPF’s lobster tater tots but it wasn’t a whole meal.

The last thing the doc was happy about was how much I’ve walked already this week. Not necessarily the distance but the intensity and frequency. I promised him and the nurse that I was going to be under 300lbs the next time I stepped on that scale. So, I need to promise myself that too and somehow work in a streak. Streaks somehow keep me accountable and I guess that’s what I will have to do.

So, there you have it, Dear Reader. I just wanted to update you on how relieved I was to not be diabetic but also that I’m not out of the woods and I am working to a healthier me. Oh! And I was up at 645a and went for my walk before I did anything else. My watch didn’t record jack so I don’t know how many steps I got, but the graph shows me more than the day before. It was cold, y’all.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

From a health standpoint, I have metabolic syndrome, I have high triglycerides, low HDL, body fat centrally located, high blood pressure. Running really helps control my weight and that problem a lot. So if I am not running three days a week, I really miss it.” – Drew Pinsky