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Today is the 40th anniversary of the US release of the soundtrack to Flash Gordon from Queen. Now, I understand the film was probably crap to some of you, but to me, I fell in love with it because I am a fantasy/sci fi fan. I dig it. Plus, I love Queen so… this is a great version!

And, I walked almost 3000 steps today. Again, not 6000 that my watch says I should be doing, but a start. That’s three days in a row. And it’s strong walking for that bit. It takes me around 13 minutes or so. And, while I had to steer around some blocks, I think I ate well today, too. Good for me!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“He’s for every one of us. Stand for every one of us. He saves with a mighty hand. Every man, every woman. Every child, it’s the mighty flash.” – “Flash’s Theme” (May)