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I haven’t ever made any bones about the fact that I’m slightly overweight. I’ll pause while you all laugh your tails off. I can totally take the “slightly” off that. I am overweight. Not only that, I’m obese. Morbidly so. I’m 6″-6’1″ or so and at about 315 lbs. I say about because I haven’t weighed myself in the last bit because… why, really?


Last week, I had my blood work done for my semi-yearly doctor’s appointment. I got my results back almost immediately. I looked through the results and everything looked mostly good but I noticed my glucose levels were above 99. Anything above 99 is in the range of “pre diabetes.” That kind of scared me. I will tell you, I sit at 105 on the levels. It’s still low on the range but also, still over 99. Now, the caveat here, I haven’t talked with my doctor, yet. I have an appointment on Thursday afternoon.

I have not been diagnosed as pre-diabetic. I know that I am not a doctor and me reading these results is dangerous for self-diagnosis. There are probably other factors that come into play. But, I also know that where I sit, overall, it won’t hurt to fix some of these things regardless of the outcome or contingency of diagnosis.

I can’t afford, neither in my job nor in mental capacity, to go on a restrictive diet. What I need is direction and support. So, I have an appointment tomorrow with my very own licensed nutritionist and wellness coach, Kristen Norton with Well Balanced Nutrition. I’m hoping she can work me through my fears about eating healthy and get me moving in the right direction.

This past Saturday, the BCPF and I walked a lap around our compound. This morning, I walked it by myself. I walked it briskly and other than making sure I wasn’t going to pass out, I didn’t really stop until I completed that lap. That lap equals about a half-mile. It was rough but it’s a start. Again, I’m ~315 and more than that to start with would be silly anyway.

So, I’ll let you know what Kristen and I talk about when that happens and I’ll keep you informed on my progress. But, I want to be here and this isn’t a “resolution.” This has to be a choice. I have to convince myself that this is my idea and I’m not being forced into it. Wish me luck, and I apologize up front for the “health” updates.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“A healthy outside starts from the inside.” – Robert Urich