Today is the 37th anniversary of Bon Jovi’s debut album. Now, I get it, Bon Jovi gets a lot of flack for being like one of THE “hair metal” bands. They’re somewhat cheesy but for their time, they were just where they needed to be. I also think they fell into the snob-ridden screwjobbery that is some people’s idea of putting down someone because they are popular. Let me tell ya something, they’re popular for a reason. Most likely, those people are square in the minority. I don’t mind Bon Jovi. My favorite album from them is this one. I love the whole thing. For 1984, it certainly is sugary, poppy and all those other adjectives. My favorite tune on the album is “Love Lies” but I couldn’t find a decent version of that, so I went with this one, or as I like to call it, the one that isn’t “Runaway.” Enjoy!

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“I dream of when she’ll be mine. I dream of crossing that line and holding her so tender. Dreaming it could come true. So many things I would do if only you’d give me a chance.” – “She Don’t Know Me” (Avsec)