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Today is the 33rd anniversary of Megadeth’s third studio album, So Far, So Good… So What! I wasn’t too familiar with either Metallica or Megadeth until around this time. I didn’t know their histories or the politics within. I thought Dave Mustaine was cooler than anyone in Metallica, but I felt Metallica’s music more accessible. As I grew older, that view shifted. I like old Metallica from Metallica back (yes, even and especially the “black” album) and I like Megadeth from Countdown to Extinction back. I will admit that I can only listen to so much Megadeth at a time, but I dig it. This tune is pretty awesome and this guy doing it on acoustic is almost mind-blowing. Especially since he sounds so much like Mustaine. Well, enjoy!

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“In my hour of need… Heh, no, you’re not there. And though I reached out for you, wouldn’t lend a hand. Through the darkest hour, your grace did not shine on me. Feels so cold, very cold. No one cares for me.” – “In My Darkest Hour” (Mustaine/Ellefson)