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Some sources say that today is the release anniversary of Peter Murphy’s third solo album after leaving Bauhaus, Deep, while others say it’s in December, 1989. Either way, it’s what I want to highlight today. So, let’s go with today being the 31st anniversary of it, yeah? Okay. The album spawned three singles: “The Line Between the Devil’s Teeth (And That Which Cannot Be Repeat)” which has to be one of the longest titles of a released single, ever, “A Strange Kind of Love,” and this one. This one went on to be a pretty big hit for him. I like C-19 created vids, so I went with this. Enjoy!

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“You know the way, it twists and turns, changing color, spinning yarns. You know the way, it leaves you dry. It cuts you up and takes you high. You know the way, it’s painted gold. Is it honey? Is it cold? You know the way, it throws about. It takes you in and spits you out. (Oh…) Cuts you up.” – “Cuts You Up” (Murphy/Statham)