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Today is the 52nd anniversary of Led Zeppelin’s debut album. It kind of set the world on fire, I’d say. It’s pretty righteous. There are so many tunes from this album to choose from to highlight today. I will say, I like Led Zeppelin II better than the debut, but this one was powerful. I love this song and you know, Dear Reader, that I like to seek out good covers and technically, this is a cover (twice over), written by Anne Bredon and covered, first, by Joan Baez (blech). Plant and Page heard Baez’s version and covered it, their way. Originally, they had it credited to “traditional arranged by Page.” Well, Bredon found out about and now, it’s credited correctly. Those crazy kids. This is a really great version, too. Enjoy!

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“Babe, babe, babe, babe, babe, babe, baby, baby, I wanna leave you. I ain’t joking woman, I’ve got to ramble. Oh, yeah, baby, baby, I believin’. We really got to ramble (I can hear it calling me). I can hear it calling me the way it used to do. I can hear it calling me back home.” – “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” (Bredon/Plant/Page)