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So, there was this New Wave band in Canada called Rough Trade. I had never heard of them, that I know of, and since selections are kind of low right now, I looked into them. This is the 40th anniversary their third album for those who think young (the stylized way they put on the album) and this was their biggest “hit,” and I use that term loosely. Before I read anything on them past this album, I thought that the singer was a man and just really into androgyny. Nope, it’s a woman with a Robert Smith fascination, obviously. It’s not a bad song, but I couldn’t find a cover, so I’ll go with a live version. Enjoy!

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“It hit me like, it hit me like, it hit me like a slap. All, all touch. All touch and all touch and no contact. Challenging eyes above the rim of a cocktail glass. Hoping I’d react. All touch and all touch and no contact.”
– “All Touch” (Pope/Staples)