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The BCPF and I got up early, ate breakfast outside in the cold at Young Cardinal, went record shopping at our favorite “candy” store, Underdog Records, and listened to good music yesterday. A laid-back and relaxing day. Here’s the haul.


Eels – Daisies Of The Galaxy — The BCPF had Jonathan order this for her. She used to work at Old Salem and when she was preparing the store she worked in for opening, she would play this album to get her in the mood. It takes her back. I can dig it. Eels are a good “band.” It was a fun listen. New.

Def Leppard – High ‘N’ Dry — Def Leppard’s second album, its biggest hit was “Bringin’ on the Heartbreak.” I am not a fan of most of Def Leppard’s early stuff. This album and On Through the Night just don’t do it for me, but I thought it important to own it. It was the last with Pete Willis on guitar before Phil Collen came into the band. New.

The War On Drugs – Future Weather — A six-song EP from one the BCPF’s newest favorite bands. They are a good band, too. New.

Various – Live From High Fidelity: The Best Of The Podcast Performances — Limited Edition, Translucent Green. Limited edition pressing of 1,000 for Record Store Day, 2014. We got it still sealed which means it’s still new even though it was previously owned. The performances were from many indie singers including Grant-Lee Phillips (who was the Troubadour on Gilmore Girls) and Sam Phillips (ex-wife of T-Bone Burnett) who was the “lala” song lady, also from Gilmore Girls. The two Phillips were not related at all.

Donna Summer – She Works Hard For The Money — I’m not sure I have the right version listed here because this is a “club” pressing. CRC which means “Columbia Record Club.” But, I do have it. VG+.

Manos Hadjidakis – Never On Sunday (Original Sound Track Music) — Mono. Original sound track from Jules Dassin’s motion picture “Never On Sunday” staring Melina Mercouri. On the back cover there is a resume of the movie and a profile of Manos Hadjidakis. I love movie soundtracks and even though I’ve not heard of this film, why not? It was like $3 and while it’s from 1960, it’s still sealed. The cover shows wear but I’m sure the vinyl is in NM condition.

That’s the haul. Short but sweet. Don’t forget to get yourself or a loved one (or tell your loved ones you want one) an Underdog Records Gift “Certificate.” They’re done on old 45RPM records. It’s cool. It helps Jonathan. It makes a great gift. Do it! Shop for new vinyl day or night, 24/7 by visiting the Underdog Records website. Use Discogs to keep track of your collections, no matter the format.

Until tomorrow, keep spinnin’…
Scorp out!

“Onetta there in the corner stands and wonders where she is. And it’s strange to her, some people seem to have everything. Nine A.M. on the hour hand and she’s waiting for the bell. And she’s looking real pretty just wait for her clientele.” – “She Works Hard For the Money” (Omartian/Summer)