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We are at the time of the year when album releases have traditionally been scarce. People generally are spending money on things other than albums at this time. So, there’s nothing celebrating an anniversary today that I feel the need to talk about. So, instead, I’m going to introduce you to a band that my Kousins introduced me to on Asylum: Tales of the Devereaux Diaries podcast, The Hu. Not to be confused with The Who (but pronounced the same way), they are a Mongolian metal band. A lot of throat singing (not Cookie Monster) and traditional Mongolian instruments along with heavy beats and western-style hard rock. I really dig it. Enjoy!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
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“The lion is in a bloody battle to the death. The tiger overcomes the leopard in a match. The elephant thrashes the leopard in a contest. Man intensely struggles with a leopard to contend. We, the lions slaughter the leopards in a match. The tiger beats the leopard in a contest. The elephant trounces the leopard in a fight. Man strenuously strains with a leopard in contention.” – “Wolf Totem (English translation)” (The Hu and B. Dashdondog)