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What better way to start your Saturday than with some Clash? Today is the 40th anniversary of Sandinista! which is #407 on the RS list that matters and #323 on the one that doesn’t. I love the bass line on this tune. It’s a mite repetitive but that’s okay, it’s still pretty darn good. Enjoy!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Ring! Ring! It’s 7:00 A.M.! Move yourself to go again. Cold water in the face brings you back to this awful place. Knuckle merchants and you bankers, too, must get up and learn those rules. Weather man and the crazy chief. One says “Sun” and one says “Sleet.” A.M., the F.M. the P.M., too. Churnin’ out that boogaloo. Gets you up and a’gets you out, but how long can you keep it up? Gimme Honda, gimme Sony. So cheap and real phony. Hong Kong dollar, Indian cents. English pounds and Eskimo pence.” – “The Magnificent Seven” (Jones/Strummer/Headon/Watt-Roy/Gallagher)