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40 years ago today, the musical world stood, sat, watched and listened as a terrible travesty was announced to the entire world. I was 10 years old and like the rest of the world, I found out that John Lennon had died while watching Monday Night Football. Howard Cosell delivered the news at the end of the game between the Dolphins and Patriots.

I’m not at all proud of what I’m about to say, and I probably have talked about this before, this is the sixth December 8 in a row I have been through on this blog. When I was young, 7-13 or so, I was so deeply entrenched in “KISSWorld” that all other things were awful to me. When I thought of The Beatles or other things that my parents may have listened to, it was all “old people music.” I remember going up to my mother and telling her, “one of your people died,” in a smug and mocking way. Turns out, she nor my father were Beatles fans. She listened to Leslie Gore, Peter, Paul & Mary and gospel stuff. My dad listened to nothing but country & western (shudders). None of that mattered. The fact that I was making fun of someone at John Lennon’s expense, nay, the GREAT John Lennon’s expense, haunts me to this day. I grew to be a huge Beatles fan. I call them my second favorite band. I am a Paul McCartney fan first, but I love John’s stuff, too.

Mark David Chapman remains incarcerated at 65 years old. I’m pretty sure if his parole is granted, he wouldn’t be long for this world. He ripped a lot of people’s world out from under them. I mean imagine if someone had murdered Kurt Cobain… oh, wait…

“Imagine” indeed.

Here’s the moments remembered.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
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“We have to say it: remember, this is just a football game, no matter who wins or loses. An unspeakable tragedy, confirmed to us by ABC News in New York City …” – Howard Cosell