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Yesterday was a good day for The BCPF and me. A very cold but very yummy brunch at a local bistro, Underdog Records, listening, filing away, and so on. We had around 40 albums or so to file in our shelving system and we did that. When we do that we have to shift and shuffle to accommodate it. Turns out, we will definitely need a sixth and possibly seventh shelf. We have a problem. I like, nay love, this problem. Here’s the haul:


Various – Christmas Cocktails Part Two — I really don’t like a lot of Christmas music, but I love Ultra Lounge. I play the first volume of their Christmas album at least twice a Christmas season. The BCPF bought this for me as an early Christmas present and it will definitely be in the rotation! Thanks, baby! New.

XTC – Drums And Wires — Many people think that this is XTC’s best album. I like it, but it’s no Skylarking. “Making Plans for Nigel” has always been a fave of mine and I did it back in 2015 with VSS. In fact, the next day we went and bought a new car and I named it Nigel. It’s a great album, yes. Again, no Skylarking. From the hype sticker: “XTC Drums and Wires, The 1979 Classic Album Newly Cut From Masters Approved by Andy Partridge. Pressed on 200G Super-Heavyweight Vinyl. Includes bonus “Chain of Command / Limelight” 7″ replicating original UK release. New.

Patsy Cline – Greatest Hits — The BCPF picked this one up. It’s “used” but sealed. It was a Walmart exclusive and is on pink vinyl.

Various – I Wanna Be Sedated: From The Underground – Celebrating 60 Years Of Warner Bros. Records — Another sealed “used” album. The notes from Discogs says: “‘PRINTED IN U.S.A’. on back cover. ‘Manufactured in EU’ on labels.” I find that funny. It’s perfectly possible and plausible that it happened that way, it just seems weird. It celebrates 60 years of Warner Bros. records and has many “underground” or “alternative” tunes from the likes of Ramones, Talking Heads, Jane’s Addiction, Ministry, New Order, Replacements, Jesus and Mary Chain, B52s, Flaming Lips, Wilco, Elvis Costello, and more!

The Police – Synchronicity — I found another variant on the cover. As you may recall, I have talked about the 90+ (supposedly) variants of the cover of this album. I am tracking 30 of them. These are the ones that I can confirm exist. I own 5 of them. This one is BRY (blue/red/yellow) mixed member pics (meaning that each “color band” has all three members in the stripe) with nude girl to the left (a topless woman with her right breast showing). It’s not in the greatest of conditions, Jonathan has it at VG, but it looks good to me. But, I have a 2019 reissue if I want to listen to it. I still hate that the LP versions leave off “Murder by Numbers.”

That’s it. A short but lovely haul. Go by and see Jonathan. He has lots of vinyl goodness for you to submerge yourself in. “But I don’t have a turntable,” you say? Fear not! He has a couple of new ones and used ones that are waiting for you to start your vinyl journey. And, it’s never too late to start said journey. He’s open Thursday-Saturday from 11a to 7p and does store-to-porch deliveries Monday through Wednesday. You can shop new vinyl, day or night, 24/7 by visiting the Underdog Records website. Watch the Underdog Records Facebook and (especially) Instagram to see what he may have just gotten used and is cleaning it and putting it out. Use Discogs to track your collection, especially if you’re a nerd like me and collect multiples of stuff.

Until tomorrow, keep spinnin’…
Scorp out!

“We’re only making plans for Nigel. He has his future in a British Steel. We’re only making plans for Nigel. Nigel’s whole future is as good as sealed, yeah.” – “Making Plans for Nigel” (Moulding)