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Yesterday was my big birthday. Today was the big celebration. We had The Beer Dads Family (the Joneses, the Lowders) and our extended friends family (The Davids, Our Jim Young) come over around 2pm. We set up a fire pit in our yard, our Alexa Dot, a Bluetooth speaker and had a fantastic time day drinking before The Beer Dads went to Mojito to have some delicious Cuban-inspired Latin Soul Food.

My friends know how much I love alcohol, too. The Davids brought me a Crown Royal set with glasses. The Joneses brought two bombers of high-gravity brews. Jim brought me Templeton Rye. The Lowders brought me Ragged Branch Double Oaked Whiskey, which was part of Jon’s barrel that he went in with friends to invest in. I love it!

Birthday Fire (©S Jones)

We had a great time sitting around the fire, listening to Simply Sinatra and Yacht Rock Radio on SiriusXM and just talking and having a time. We all smelled like a campfire afterward and were a little tipsy but we did alright. The BCPF was the most inebriated and that’s okay! You go girl! I forgot to mention yesterday that we stopped by Top Leaf Cigar Lounge and one of my work wives, Bethany of The Less Desirables (and owner of Top Leaf) bought me two cigars. I had about 2/3 of one last night with my Ardbeg Scotch and the Ragged Branch.

I’ve had big parties and I’ve had small gatherings but I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed having everyone around celebrating with me. We missed the Verners, Bethany and my sister and BIL but we’ll make it up with them all soon!


Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Let us never know what old age is. Let us know the happiness time brings, not count the years.” – Ausonius