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Today is the 39th anniversary of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts’ I Love Rock and Roll album. I remember when I first heard the title track, it was as a video on HBO. HBO was the premium channel our podunk rinky-dink “cable company” offered. Two NBC channels, two ABC/CBS channels, PBS, an independent, TBS (which fluctuated for a time), and HBO. That was all we got. Why we needed two of each network? I’ll never know that. Even though the channels have changed, I can name, I think, all the call letters. WSAZ (3, NBC), WVVA (6, NBC), WOWK (13, CBS), WOAY (4, ABC), WCHS (8 CBS then ABC), WSWP (9, PBS) WVAH (23 but 10 on our dial, Independent/eventually Fox). Whew… memory lane nerd alert! Okay, bring it back. We had HBO. In the early 80s, when everyone saw what MTV was doing, they found ways of playing videos. This was one of the three or four I remember. And, this cover, I don’t care what you think of Miley Cyrus. She has a great voice and a lot of talent! Enjoy!

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“I saw him dancin’ there by the record machine. I knew he must-a been about 17. The beat was goin’ strong, playin’ my favorite song. An’ I could tell it wouldn’t be long ’til he was with me, yeah, me. And I could tell it wouldn’t be long ’til he was with me, yeah, me, singin’ ‘I love Rock and Roll, put another dime in the jukebox, baby.” – “I Love Rock and Roll” (Hooker/Merrill)