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Yesterday was a most typical day for The BCPF and me. Up, breakfast, Underdog Records, a quick stop at City Beverage to grab wine that we ordered 2 weeks ago, home to listen to records, MIL, dinner, movie. We love those kind of days. By the way, today is the last Sunday of my 40s. Wow… Here’s the haul:


Elvis Costello – Hey Clockface — This is Elvis’ newest album. We haven’t listened to it, yet, but I liked the pieces that I used in the Underdog Records commercial this week on The Less Desirables. 2×LP, Limited Edition, Indie Exclusive, Red Transparent. Indie exclusive means that the colored vinyl is only available at independent retailers. You won’t get the transparent red at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and large music chains (if those still exist). New.

Norah Jones – Come Away With Me — This was “used” but maybe played once and it is in NM condition. This has become a big deal for the daughter of Ravi Shankar, and both The BCPF and I love her voice, so we had to get it.

Alice In Chains – Facelift — Alice In Chains’ debut album. I have played two songs on it in bands. “We Die Young” and “Man in the Box.” The latter was the first song I ever sang as the lead singer in a band live. A little trio back when I was 22 called Amorak. The name is a long story for another time. But, this album is amazing and I had forgotten just how much so. I still prefer the follow up Dirt but this is still great. 2×LP remaster on 180g black vinyl. New.

Grateful Dead – American Beauty — #261 on the RS List (that matters) and the 50th anniversary edition at that. I am not a fan of the Dead, really. But, I needed this because I think everyone should have it and it’s on that danged list. This is the collector’s edition on 180g black vinyl. New.

The Dream Syndicate – 50 In A 25 Zone — I really know nothing about this. The BCPF put it in the crate. That’s all I know other than it’s a six-track 12″. VG+.

Steve Winwood – Chronicles — A compilation of Winwood tunes. VG+.

Elvis Presley – Elvis Sings The Wonderful World Of Christmas — It’s almost Christmas time and The BCPF loves her some Christmas music. I mostly can’t stand Christmas music, but I love my wife and love her happy. VG+.

Commodores – Midnight Magic — The seventh album from Commodores. This album has the Lionel Richie-penned “Still” and “Sail On.” VG+.

It’s a shorter haul this week and my wallet thanked me for that. RSD Black Friday edition is coming, well, on Black Friday, so go to the RSD website and see what is coming out that day. The last three RSD drops (Covid 2020 editions) were by lottery appointments only. This one is back to lining up, waiting your turn and going in with people you may or may not know. I don’t know that I will be going to the Black Friday RSD but I don’t know that I’m not. Underdog Records will be open from 8a-7p that day. You can order new vinyl that Underdog Records has in its current inventory, day or night, 24/7 by visiting the Underdog Records website. Also, use Discogs to track your music collection of find those things you just gotta have but can’t find.

Until tomorrow, keep spinnin’…
Scorp out!

“Lady, morning’s just a moment away and I’m without you once again. You laughed at me. You said you never needed me. I wonder if you need me now?” – “Still” (Richie)