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I wanted to take a short break in the video posting to wish Sesame Street a very happy 51st anniversary. It is just over a year older than me. I watched a shload of it as a kid. I still get giddy hearing the theme song. My favorite characters were Grover, Cookie Monster, Bert & Ernie and, of course, Oscar the Grouch. Sesame Street, along with Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood and Electric Company were some of my favorite things. When I see something about them, even to this day, I stop to watch. I dig it.

Okay so I couldn’t not post a video.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Now what starts with the letter ‘c?’ Cookie starts with ‘c.’ Let’s think of other things that starts with ‘c.’ Uh ahh who cares about the other things? ‘C’ is for cookie that’s good enough for me.” – “‘C’ is for Cookie” (Raposo)