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Today is the 34th anniversary of my favorite Stryper album, To Hell with the Devil. It came out right after I moved to WSNC and since I was new here, and although I had met some friends, I wasn’t driving and I had no place to go, so MTV helped me get a better knowledge of this album.

I had never actually heard of Stryper prior to this album. This was their third. While I can listen to the others before this one, I can’t really get into it. My “non-Prophet” religion, notwithstanding, this was more commercial and I loved the sound and probably a lot of it is the time frame and times I hold dear. Anywhat… Moriah Formica was a contestant on The Voice and this was recorded when she was only 15. She’s 20 now. Good job. Enjoy!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“When things are going wrong, you know who to blame. He will always live up to his name. He’s never been the answer. There’s a better way. We are here to rock out and to say… To hell with the devil.” – “To Hell with the Devil” (Sweet/Sweet)