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Today is the 36th anniversary of Wham!’s Make It Big album and it’s hard to pass that one up, but because I talked about the death of Tony Lewis yesterday, I missed KISS’s sophomore effort, Hotter Than Hell celebrating it’s 46th anniversary. The overall mix of this album is like it’s done in a tank or a large bathroom. But, I think that adds to the charm and certainly makes it sound mean. This song is the first KISS song Heavens Sake did on stage. It’s a favorite of mine and I think it is a great opening track. You can hear me and Kousin Gary debate that on the fifth episode of Asylum: Tales from the Devereaux Diaries podcast here. But, instead of finding some lame cover, I decided to go original, kind of. This is KISS in soundcheck and I think it’s cool to see the “behind the scenes” footage. Enjoy!

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“Lady, you know I heard the neighbors say, baby, you might be leavin’ me today. Oh yeah, someone’s come along and shared your time. Don’t care, no I don’t, no but you can’t be his and still be mine, so… Ooh, got to choose, who’s your baby?” – “Got to Choose” (Stanley)